Episode 5: More of the Matrix

When Judi Muller retired with a good pension, she decided to make ‘a personal act of reconciliation’ and sell Indigenous art on a small scale – the stuff that bypasses the big bucks. Mark Chapman has tailored his art supplies business to suit the desert conditions in which Indigenous artists work: his linen canvases are hand-primed with acrylic paint, which allows a better bond and creates a painting that is durable and transportable. Ruark Lewis is a multi-media artist who has been involved in an artistic ‘conversation’ with artists from other cultures including Barayuwa Munungurr, a Yolngu artist who paints his mother’s whale story. Their work shows a remarkable synergy and has been exhibited as far afield as Monaco.

Art by Ruark Lewis (L) and Barayuwa Munungurr (R), at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Darwin, 2015.

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